Run Your Bar With Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant (HBR) POS system

Harbortouch is perfect for bars and nightclubs to use as a point of sale system. It will work for any serious business owner in the hospitality industry.

“In my extensive experience, I have found Harbortouch’s POS solution to be the undisputed leader in the industry. Their restaurant POS system is really unparalleled in terms of both price and capabilities.”

Jon Taffer, Executive Producer and Host of hit TV show Bar Rescue

Menu Customization

You and your trusted employees know the menu better than anyone else. We will work with you to set up your menu for an optimal user experience.

Dynamic Pricing

The easy to use interface will allow for for flexible pricing and discounts. This will help prevent confusion around seasonal specials and happy hour incentives.

Bar tabs

Pre-Authorize credit cards so no one will skip out on a bill

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Table Management

Multiple seating areas? No problem. Need to transfer tables to another server? No problem. Does table 9 want to split the check five ways? No problem. With the Bar Rescue POS system you can do it all (even if you’d rather not).

Tableside Ordering

To increase efficiency and accuracy your servers can input guests orders and requests from the table.


Whether customers make online reservations or you’re managing a waitlist, you can do it all in one place with a Harbortouch point of sale system.

Inventory Management

From managing inventory to vendors and purchase orders, we will help you track it all from one easy to use place — and in real-time.

Employee management

Evaluate performance, track hours, edit timesheets, calculate overtime and manage permissions.

Customer loyalty programs

Keep loyal customers coming back for another round with rewards, incentives, and special promotions.