POS Stations, Stationary or Mobile Terminals, NO-FEE or Traditional Processing:

S80 CounterTop Payment Terminal:

The PAX S80 is a countertop point of sale terminal will produce fast and reliable transactions for you. The S80 includes software that allows multiple payment processors.

(Supports NO-FEE surcharge program)

D210 Wireless Mobile Payment Terminal:

This compact mobile payment device was designed to interact with customers. The PAX D210 supports Bluetooth, wifi and cable connections. The D210 has the ability to connect to smart phones and it has been MFI certified by Apple Inc.

(Supports the NO-FEE surcharge program)

Dejavoo z11:

This plug in terminal was built for use at an office and can be used for cash discounts or surcharge. It is great for any dentist office, legal firm etc.

(Supports NO-FEE programs)

Casio Electronic Cash Register:

Facilitate fast, accurate retail transactions with a high speed printer, adjustable display for the operator and verify accuracy by displaying the price as each item is scanned. With everything included it will be easy to track sales.

(Supports the Surcharge Program)

Echo: For Kiosk, Seasonal & Over the Counter:

Intuitive & robust software with hardware that was built with a purpose. To provide you with a durable and sleek POS system. The 13.3 inch touchscreen is larger than traditional tablets. The cast aluminum body is integrated with the customer display screen to provide the user with an easy to understand software.

To top it off, the dual hinged stand was designed for flexible adjustment and is capable of 180* rotation so customers can easily sign the screen.

Get a Top Level Review of Your Business With Robust Reporting:

  • Financial Overview / Daily Totals
  • Ticket Details: Lists all
  • Item Sales Summary: Overview of sales by item.
  • Sales Summary By: Overview of sales, filterable by department, item, employee, order type and customer.
  • Tender Type Summary: Lists each tender type.
  • Quantity on Hand: Shows count of each item you have in stock.
  • Discount Summary: Shows total discounts
  • Sales & Labor Summary: Shows sales and labor breakdown by hour.
  • Labor by Employee: Shows hours worked for staff.
  • Labor by Employee by Job: Shows each employee’s overall hours worked and which job they were working during specific shift.
  • Labor Detail: Shows employees clocked in and out, job they were working, total hours, and total paid time.
  • Employee Directory: Lists all of your employees in the system.
  • Tax Form 4070: Shows all of your employees’ cash and credit tips.

Card Swipe Reader Suited for Flea Markets:

If you need a card swipe reader for a flea market or you are interested in the Paayware 11" wedge terminal (Supports NO-FEE processing programs) designed from the ground up for simple setup and operation - we are your one stop shop. This sytem includes a built in printer and customer display. The Paayaware Mini is a great solution for temporary or seasonal deployments.

Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale

An all-in-one countertop device that combines the convenience of a fully equipped point of sale system with the advanced technology and ease of use of Payanywhere.

Payanywhere Smart Flex

Payanywhere 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Bluetooth Credit Card Readers

Accept payments anywhere and anytime. This machine accepts EMV chips and magstripes. It is even compatible with NFC contactless payments.