Pizza & Quick Service Delivery

Driver Management:

See which drivers are available and who is out on delivery.
- Assign drivers to specific orders
- Monitor how long the driver has been on delivery.
- View order details
- See how long each order has been waiting.

Directions & Mapping:

Advanced mapping for delivery orders and allows you to
- Print directions right on the receipt paper.
- Print directions with multiple stops in a single trip.

Caller ID Integration:

- Easily manage incoming calls.
- View each customer’s contact information and order history.
- Assign each call to a new order in a single step.

Flexible Pricing

- Easily set up and customize coupons, specials or other discounts.

Employee Management:

- Access a complete employee database.
- Track hours worked, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, evaluate sales performance and manage security levels.

Bakeries, Coffee Shops & Bagle Shops


Directions & Mapping:

- Sleek appearance
- Cast aluminum body with integrated customer display
- Dual-hinged stand for flexible adjustment
- 180° rotation allows customers to sign on screen

Get a Top Level Review of Your Business With Robust Reporting

  • - Financial Overview / Daily Totals
  • - Ticket Details: Lists all
  • - Item Sales Summary: Overview of sales by item.
  • - Sales Summary By: Overview of sales, filterable by department, item, employee, order type and customer.
  • - Tender Type Summary: Lists each tender type.
  • - Quantity on Hand: Shows count of each item you have in stock.
  • - Discount Summary: Shows total discounts
  • - Sales & Labor Summary: Shows sales and labor breakdown by hour.
  • - Labor by Employee: Shows hours worked for staff.
  • - Labor by Employee by Job: Shows each employee’s overall hours worked and which job they were working during specific shift.
  • - Labor Detail: Shows employees clocked in and out, job they were working, total hours, and total paid time.
  • - Employee Directory: Lists all of your employees in the system.
  • - Tax Form 4070: Shows all of your employees’ cash and credit tips.