Ideal Payment & Hardware Solutions-
You Have Choices

Ideal Merchant Services offers you choices that are ideal for you!! We offer POS stations, stationary and mobile terminals that support no-fee processing programs to off-set and even eliminate your credit card processing fees! We can also save you money on “traditional" credit card processing. (For traditional processing: Send 3 statements for a free comprehensive review detailing where we can save you money.)

We can offer hardware/software ranging from online ordering, mobile terminals, plug in stationary counter terminals to complete Point of Sale Stations. Ask about free placement for hardware/software or systems you can purchase outright.

  • Reduce or Eliminate Credit Card Fees
  • Manage Your Income and Expenses
  • Track Sales
  • Increase Productivity
  • Theft Prevention

Are you a cash only salon because of the fees you associate with credit cards? Are you having trouble managing appointments and walk-ins? Ideal Merchant Services can help you solve these issues. Do you have multi business chair renters? We can save you thousands with traditional or NO-FEE credit card processing.

Businesses that offer a professional service have a lot to gain by eliminating credit card processing fees. If your clients pay their invoices via credit card you can save thousands every month by utilizing our NO-FEE processing programs. FREE terminal placement available.

  • - Medical Offices
    - Dentists
    - Doctors
    - Chiropractors
    - Massage Therapists
  • - Financial Service Providers
  • - Landscapers
  • - HVAC Technicians
  • - Contractors
  • - Home Inspectors
  • - Plumbers
  • - Electricians
  • * GREAT for any business who bills with invoices.

Ideal Merchant Services will provide your mobile restaurant with a mobile payment system that will reduce or remove your credit card fees. Ask about our NO-FEE processing programs or traditional processing. We will also provide FREE terminal placement. (A small tower connectivity fee will apply)

Ideal Merchant Services will provide your restaurant or over the counter service business such as bakeries, coffee shops and bagel shops with the ideal payment and hardware solution for you. We offer free placement for POS stations, terminals and Pay at the Table. We offer POS stations that can be purchased out of pocket that supports NO-FEE processing or traditional processing for countertop and full service businesses. These solutions will make staying organized easy and save you thousands!

Any medical service provider that accepts credit card payments can benefit from utilizing our services. Your office can use our services to reduce or remove credit card fees with our NO-FEE processing or traditional processing. We can help you set up online appointments.