Having a single source for all your payment needs can save you sigificant time and money - from implementation to daily operations and support.

Shift4s Value Proposition

  • - FREE EMV and contactless terminals
  • - FREE SkyTab pay-at-the-table (mobile ordering coming soon for MICROS)
  • - WAIVED gateway fees
  • - FREE QR code payments
  • - FREE 24/7 in-house support
ingenico telium tetra devices

Technology Solution: Lane/3000

Designed for multiple use cases and environments including retail, hotels, restaurants, etc., the Lane 3000 is a fast and secure POS solution that optimizes checkout and accepts all card-based payments. Certified with TSYS and First Data.

Technology Solution: Skytab

Pay-at the table device that allows customers to split checks, tip, email and print receipts and rate their experience!

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • - Serve Customers faster
  • - Turn tables quirker

Improve Customer Experience

  • - Less Waiting To Order
  • - Real-time notifications when poor rating is provided

Build Your Marketing Dashboard

  • -Collect customer email addresses to populate marketing database and repeat business

Technology Solution: QR Pay

The technology allows consumers to pay their bill at restaurants, retail stores and hotels by simply scanning a QR code on the receipt or payment terminal and completing the transaction on their phone.